Naturopathic Therapies

Live Blood Analysis

Rockwood Naturopathic Clinic is pleased to announce the arrival of Live Blood Cell Analysis (Bloodscan) to the clinic. This valuable modality is a set of examination techniques which combines various protocols to examine and scrutinize blood morphologies (structures) to identify apparent changes and markers within the blood; the presence which may show an individuals tendency or increased tendency towards ultimately developing degenerative conditions and/or disease. Bloodscan analyzes blood at a cellular level, and it pays specific attention to the consequences of nutritional imbalances, and deficiencies. Bloodscan identifies factors such as incomplete digestion, improper assimillation, pH imbalances, and inadequate nutrition for the cells' optimal functioning. For further information, please check out the Bloodscan video or call the Clinic to set up an appointment.

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods is a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine. Food intolerances, deficiencies, dietary imbalances or nutritional excesses have been associated with many medical conditions. A naturopathic doctor is trained to understand the impact that your diet is having on your health. With appropriate dietary modification and nutritional supplements health concerns can be treated with fewer complications and side effects.

Botanical Medicine

Medicinal plants have been, and will continue to be a valuable part of health care. These plants and plant substances are highly effective and safe in the right dosage and when used correctly with other herbs and treatments. Herbs can be prepared in many forms - teas, tinctures or capsules. Naturopathic doctors are extensively trained in both the art and science of botanical medicine. Naturopathic doctors are currently the only health care providers in Canada to be licensed for the use of botanical medicine.

Homeopathic Medicine

This powerful system of medicine is more than 200 years old and is widely accepted in many countries. Homeopathic remedies are made from specific dilutions of plant, animal and mineral substances. When carefully matched to the patient they are able to affect the body's "vital force" and to stimulate the body's innate healing forces on both the physical and emotional levels, with few side effects. Some conditions that do not respond well to conventional medicine respond effectively to homeopathy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine / Acupuncture

The key principle that defines and connects all of Chinese medicine is that of Chi, or vital energy. The chi of all organs must be in balance, neither too active nor too dormant, for a person to be healthy. The chi of the body's organs and systems are all connected in meridians or channels that lie just under the skin. A Naturopathic Doctor will use Eastern herbs and acupuncture to assist the body in regulating the Chi and achieving balance. Acupuncture is the use of very thin needles which are inserted into specific meridian points. The practice of acupuncture has been around for over two thousand years and has proven to be very effective especially for pain relief and chronic illness.

Physical Medicine

Physical medicine offers treatment for many different health concerns. Treatments can include soft tissue work (including therapeutic massage), naturopathic manipulation of muscle, bone or the spine, hydrotherapy techniques, gentle electrical impulses, ultrasound, diathermy, and exercise therapy.

Prevention and Lifestyle Counselling

Mental attitudes and emotional states are important elements in healing and disease. Addressing all aspects of a person's life, identifying and addressing the impact that stress and life events have on a patient's health is an important aspect of naturopathic treatment. Naturopathic doctors are trained to counsel on diet, lifestyle, specific stressors, exercise and occupational or environmental hazards as an integral part of the naturopathic treatment program.

Bowen Therapy

The Bowen technique (also known as Bowenwork) is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that utilizes small but measured inputs to the body stimulating the body to heal itself, often profoundly.  Rather than focusing on a single complaint, the Bowen technique addresses the entire body, by restoring balance via the autonomic nervous system (ANS).  

The Bowen technique usually results in the relief of many specific injuries and other health problems, both acute (new) and chronic (long standing injury).  Some of the conditions that often respond favourably to Bowenwork are back pain and sciatica; digestive and bowel problems; earache and TMJ problems; migraines and other types of headaches; fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.  It does so holistically, by using the body’s innate healing mechanisms.  The practitioner delivers ‘signals’ to the nervous system at specific locations (on muscles, tendons, ligaments or nerves), and the body does the rest, responding in its own time, as it is able.  While there are a few, very specific situations in which a particular ‘procedure’ is contraindicated, the Bowen technique is appropriate to use for individuals of all ages and in all degrees of health.  Many patients report that the Bowen technique is THE most relaxing modality they have ever experienced.

Intravenous Therapy

Intravenous therapy, or Parenteral therapy is a safe and effective way to enhance the clinical effectiveness of naturopathic therapies.  At its core, naturopathic medicine seeks to stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  Parenteral therapy is an advanced application of this concept.  Some of the conditions for which Parenteral therapy is used include Chronic fatigue syndrome, Chronic depression and anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, acute or chronic asthma, chronic sinusitis, angina, CHF, hyperthyroidism, acute infections, enhanced athletic performance, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Macular degeneration, Tissue and wound healing, etc.

Parenteral therapy provides a means to blend many of the modalities inherent to the scope of practice of NDs, and a route of administration that promotes a rapid and effective response, including immediate changes in metabolic processes that cannot be achieved through oral administration of the same substances.  The intravenous administration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other natural substances is particularly important for patients who have limited or impaired absorptive ability through the gastrointestinal tract.

Examples of evidence based application of Parenteral Therapies in Naturopathic care include:
•    Vitamin C and Mistletoe therapy in Cancer
•    Glutathione in Parkinson’s disease
•    Vitamin C in Diabetic ulcer care
•    Vitamin C in Cardiovascular disease
•    Meyer’s cocktail for convalescence and immune system boosting

Please note Dr. Turk is currently providing consultations on whether IV therapy is a useful modality in your health concerns, Due to the changes that the College of Naturopaths is going through and the new mandates that are in order, Dr. Turk is awaiting the availability to write a prescribing exam that will deem her able to continue her IV practice. In the interim, she has several practitioners that she is referring to who will accommodate your IV needs who will be the most convenient for you depending on your location. The next exam was to be on February 21st of this year, however the College of Naturopaths have cancelled that exam less than 2 weeks before the scheduled write. We know that many of you were looking forward to this date to continue your care at this clinic. Dr. Turk is registered for the next one which is on May 15, 2016, therefore please keep an eye out for changes on this Website as we are in full anticipation of having our services back in June of 2016. Thank you to all our amazing and supportive patients. Your well wishes and constant encouragement and support are well received. We are very appreciative of your warmth and support during this challenging time.